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dangerous exploration and experiment. No
doubt human goodness is sufficient to supply
volunteers for many of these things, but are the
rest of us entitled to profit by their devotion ?
His solution is universal conscription for a certain
period of the adult life. The young will have to
do so much service and take so much risk for the
general welfare as the world commonweal
requires. They will be able to do these jobs
with the freshness and vigour of those who know
they will presently be released, and who find their
honour in a thorough performance ; they will
not be subjected to that deadening temptation
to self-protective slacking and mechanical insen-
sitiveness, which assails all who are thrust by
economic necessity into these callings for good
and all.
It is quite possible that a certain percentage of
these conscripts may be caught by the interest
of what they are doing ; the asylum attendant
may decide to specialise in psycho-therapeutic
work; the hospital nurse succumb to that
curiosity which underlies the great physiologist;
the Arctic worker may fall in love with his
snowy wilderness. . . .
One other leading probability of a collectivist
world order has to be noted here, and that is an
enormous increase in the pace and amount of